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Irfan Parvez

Irfan Parvez is a Managing Director and Member of the Board for the Carter Fleming Group – one of the world’s largest human capital solution providers and strategic advisors.

A British born business investor, he chairs the Parvez Family Foundation in support of philanthropic agendas including equality and education in the emerging markets. He is also a passionate supporter of sports for the UKA’s Grassroots initiative, with his specific focus in the North of England and Scotland’s most deprived areas, to promote health and social impact for children and teenagers.

As an early investor and entrepreneur in the digital and crypto field, he co-established a fund focussed on blockchain and has helped nurture and enrich businesses using the technology, advising on strategic, financial and commercial agendas.

Having graduated from Cambridge as an engineer, he started his career in the energy sector for various corporates during the ‘boom’ years with the likes of Schlumberger, Shell International and Vitol in a leadership capacity within strategy, principal investments and trading. Thereafter, this led to holding a role as an Executive Director with the Carter Fleming Group in 2009.

Irfan guided Carter Fleming though the financial downturn for a multibillion-dollar asset portfolio optimisation and divesture program to which, through a Management Buyout, acquired the Group’s interests in human capital and technology.

In 2013, he co-founded the firm’s principal investment division focussed on investments within the AI arena, Internet of Things, software development and in 2015, co-established the firm’s blockchain global fund. The fund focusses on conceptual value and ideas that solve pressing issues.

Irfan is a Board Advisor for some of the developed and emerging markets largest enterprises advising on strategic, human capital and technology matters. In recent years, he has worked with government entities for digital reform and initiatives that address the need to enhance human capital capability, by upskilling the workforce long-term as part of the digital age.

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