James CollinsICO Advisor


Attracting and venturing capital towards high profile ICO projects. Currently over 110m$ capital attracted in 16 projects from our investors,bringing more than 140m$ in profits until late January 2018 by using low risk trading methods by mathematical models.

Helping ICOs meet their goal funding targets.
+ Providing them with contacts of other important investors or funds so that the projects will have a higher area from where they can obtain funding.

As a review on the ICO advisory activity : James Collins attracted over 110m$ in funding ,especially pre-sale.
Being a very well known investor it’s not a surprise that James’ presence attracts the attention of important players in both crypto and stock markets towards investing .

Having a team of 12 experts on cryptocurrency and blockchain activity , from chart analysis ( for investors ) to marketing and developing is one of the main reason for the increasing results.

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