Shams HassanBlockchain Research Analyst

I have been involved in the blockchain ecosystem for 5+ years now. My educational background consists of finance, and economics from Virginia Commonwealth University. I monitor and interpret project development, all the while identifying macro themes and trends occurring within the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. I first discovered Bitcoin near the end of 2013, and was fascinated by what blockchain technology can do for society. I then discovered Ethereum prior to them having their ICO and was immediately drawn to their revolutionary smart contract protocol built on the blockchain. I have also been apart of many other ICO’s such as Aion, Icon, and Wanchain all of which are apart of the blockchain interoperability alliance. Since then I have been researching rigorously, and have been actively involved in numerous different projects. I consider my knowledge in blockchain to be quite vast, but there is always room to learn in this ever-evolving space.

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