Shams HassanBlockchain Research Analyst

I have been involved in the blockchain ecosystem for 5+ years now. My educational background consists of finance, and economics from Virginia Commonwealth University. I monitor and interpret project development, all the while identifying macro themes and trends occurring within the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry. I first discovered Bitcoin near the end of 2013, and was fascinated by what blockchain technology can do for society. I then discovered Ethereum prior to them having their ICO and was immediately drawn to their revolutionary smart contract protocol built on the blockchain. I have also been apart of many other ICO’s such as Aion, Icon, and Wanchain all of which are apart of the blockchain interoperability alliance. Since then I have been researching rigorously, and have been actively involved in numerous different projects. I consider my knowledge in blockchain to be quite vast, but there is always room to learn in this ever-evolving space.
  • "Enkronos Apps” is a Blockchain-based accountability system that ensures ethical behavior, complete protection of personal data and privacy

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  • On the 30th of November 2018 we are adding another milestone to our Enkronos Apps development – Feelgrid. FeelGrid is a smart digital platform that allows you to design and manage IoT-based monitoring, forecasts and actions in large geographical areas such as vineyards, cities, urban, agricultural, industrial areas etc. The platform allows the gathering of

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  • Today we have sent email notifications to all the Your Gamify WINNERS of “Last chance to win up to 1,000,000 ENK tokens”! Please check your inbox and follow the instructions below. To claim your prize, please follow these steps: First visit our website Fill out the form with your Your Gamify email and your Your

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