Congratulation to all Your Gamify Winners!

Today we have sent email notifications to all the Your Gamify WINNERS of “Last chance to win up to 1,000,000 ENK tokens”!

Please check your inbox and follow the instructions below.

To claim your prize, please follow these steps:

How to find out what prizes you have won? Just login here – and then go to your profile.

The prize fund of the contest consists of: 

1.  Ranked: 1x 10,000 ENK tokens

2.  Ranked: 20x 7,500 ENK tokens

3.  Ranked: 40x 5,000 ENK tokens

4.  Ranked: 80x 2,500 ENK tokens

5.  Ranked: 120x 2,000 ENK tokens

6.  Ranked: 200x 1,000 ENK tokens


If you have any questions, just email us at – we are happy to help 🙂



Enkronos Marketing Team

p.s.: If you haven´t received any email from us ( please also check you spam folder or contact us for more info.


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