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FeelGrid has been released in its first version on 05.05.2017 and will be availaible on Enkronos Apps on 30.11.2018.

FeelGrid is an IoT empowering platform to monitor and manage wide areas data.

Target Groups: wine producers, agritech, public sector (air pollution, water management, waste management, smart city, defense), construction sector, automotive, security, energy, health, wearables.

The goal of FeelGrid is not only to manage that data, but to give that data life! Through different AI modules each data type will be presented differently and give exact business logic to the owners of each FeelGrid. Building complex sensor layouts for your winery or creating a grid of air monitoring throughout an entire city will be as simple as drag and dropping sensors on top of a map.

FeelGrid IoT technology could be applied to many sectors. We started from:

  • Vineyards Management
  • Agritech
  • Air Pollution
  • Water Management
  • Waste Management
  • Building Management
  • Smart City

Smart Vineyard

Digital technologies for monitoring and management of the vineyards

The wine market is characterized by an ever-increasing competition that requires increasing quality standards also in the management of the vineyards. This change call for a transformation also in the technology of production.

As the demand for sustainable quality increases the producers have growing needs on the subject of greater efficiency, improvement of production times and containment of costs.

Without the help of innovative technology it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with the challenges imposed by the growing level of competition in global markets.

Water Management

Digital technologies for water monitoring and management

FeelGrid has developed an integrated system for water management. It allows you to deal with various problems in different sectors, both public and private, such as:

  • verification of water level in rivers;
  • calculation of flow rates in rivers;
  • calculation of the water level in wells even up to several tens of meters deep;
  • water management in water networks and pipelines;
  • calculation of flow rates in mountain streams.

This has an impact on safety issues related to the hydrogeological structure of the territory and on the efficiency of water management in various sectors such as construction or agriculture.

Air Pollution

Digital technologies for monitoring and managing air quality in cities and large areas

FeelGrid allows cities and extended geographical areas to implement prevention actions thanks to a widespread and accurate air quality measurement system.

Thanks to the data collected by FeelGrid’s IoT network, the leaders of the territory, as well as the committees of citizens sensitive to environmental issues, can map using internet high-pollution areas accurately and in real time, tracking changes over time, identify polluters and analyze potential corrective actions.

The FeelGrid technology has drastically reduced the costs necessary for complete coverage with sensor networks, which allows a complete mapping even in large areas, where until now it was necessary to settle isolated point measurements.

Waste Management

Digital technologies for waste monitoring and management

FeelGrid’s IoT technology has created new possibilities for intelligent waste management that enables organizations to better manage public services and improves efficiency and reduce overall costs as:

  • Real-time data provides better visibility of assets, which translates into greater efficiency and less waste;
  • waste containers equipped with sensors for filling level enable organizations to provide better service while reducing unnecessary visits;

cloud-based analysis can help improve planning and optimize truck routes.


IoT digital technologies for agriculture

The IoT technologies supplied by FeelGrid are ideal for automating irrigation and fertilization systems on farms, as well as adding new precision to operations and reducing wastage and also automating agricultural machines therefore reducing the need for manual intervention.

FeelGrid changes the way agricultural activities and farms are managed, bringing various benefits to agriculture, including:

  • a better quality and quantity of crops;
  • improved use of agricultural resources and equipment;
  • real-time monitoring of breeding farms, animals and machines;
  • automated irrigation, fertilizer spraying systems and pest control.

Building Management

Digital technologies for monitoring and management of buildings and real estate assets

The IoT technologies provided by FeelGrid are becoming a key component for monitoring physical values in the construction industry. From the construction of roads to the construction of buildings it becomes increasingly important to measure with precision and punctuality the variations, for example, groundwater levels or the ground soil variations that are significant in the case of works of great impact as are the construction of roads.

Automatic monitoring of these values allows construction companies to gain time and optimize the costs of intervention and work of specialized personnel.

The use of FeelGrid also enables the management of real estate assets to be more efficient and to have data and information that can support in an innovative way the development of the business connected to the management of the facility.

Smart City

Digital technologies for monitoring and Smart City management

Water and energy systems are essential in every city and a smarter management of these is basic for smart cities. FeelGrid smart network combine residential and commercial metrics and sensors with software-as-a-service in one single application. It is a fundamental combination that allows us to evolve from simple measurement to a genuine intelligent management of resources for their more efficient monetization.

Big data is everywhere you want to enhance it and FeelGrid solutions can make smart cities even smarter. Thanks to FeelGrid you can measure air quality, flows and traffic / pedestrian movement, light level, humidity, temperature and more. The possibilities are unlimited and are a great way to involve voters and interested parties by examining their needs.

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