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Better Loyalty with Advanced Technology

Loyalty Venue has been released in its first version on 21.04.2017 and it is already available on Enkronos Apps.

Loyalty Venue is a web-based platform for managing Loyalty programs from one single dashboard:

  • Loyalty Venue configures a system of creation and maintenance of the digital catalog from wich customers can order the desired prizes;
  • our user friendly loyalty solutions can be fully customized with your company’s corporate image and graphic layout so you no longer have to pay for expensive custom promotional campaign.

Loyalty Venue is a based on RESTful API technology, for users with SSO authentication and it can be used for B2B or B2C needs:

  • B2B: it allows Companies to create their own loyalty programs;
  • B2C: Consumers are able to sign up, redeem points, check their current point balance or order their desired prizes from the Web Catalog from anywhere on every device with web connection.

Loyalty Venue is based on a API system that provides scalability and ability to evolve that the platform should have from the beginning to avoid having to recreate everything from scratch in case of future requests for new features and conceptual logic.

It is based on a apptoken system for managing campaigns, extension to other countries and the creation of new business entities (partners, new customers, etc.).

Customer Loyalty :

Brands will be able to attach their loyalty promotions and their loyalty card to the Loyalty Venue System and secure “virtual” scores, which give the right to prizes, based on a catalog.

Incentives ( Loyalty Venue Programs for Employees) :

Motivate your employees performances with a rewards program engaging them in reaching specific goals. It is proved that Employee loyalty has been positively linked to increased customer loyalty.


  • Content management system (CMS) for the management of Pages
  • Social media integration: A login system for the customer admin area
  • E-Shop management system from wich the loyalty manager will manage the web prize
  • Product management in Catalog, with all related information and logics of placement in the catalog.
  • Management system for products in promotion: import of existing products with related code information, creation of new products associated to already existing, creation of new products with new codes.
  • Reporting area for generation and downloads of reports, including customer data, product codes etc.

The SSO (single sign-on) Authentication system. The application provides from the beginning a unique authentication system, which allow users to access the various functions of the platform without having to relog.

Enkronos Apps use its SSO (single sign-on) Authentication system. Enkronos Apps provides from the beginning a unique authentication system for each application, which allow users to access the various functions of the platform without having to relog.

Starting from end of March 2019 Loyalty Venue will be accessible by content creators only with ENK tokens.

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