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A Location Based Augmented Reality Engagement App, that will revolutionize Loyalty, Contest and Event concepts

Events are such a nice things. Their main concept is that it gathers individuals who are engaged in some common interest.  While you have people that create events you also have the individuals that gather at those events and in most scenarios, the creators of an event would love the information about their visitors. This aspect normally occurs with pre registration or registration process at the event themself. While we can all agree these things are rather tedius for the event visitors, how about we try and gamify the process ?

With Swee, visitors to your event will automatically be registered simply by visiting your events location. While you as the creators of the event will gather information and segment the visitors in to groups managed by their interests and likes, the visitors themselves will have reward based system to participate to your event.

Every Swee Event  has an incentive for the people to come to your event and participate to it through their mobile device. And since the participation itself is limited to the proximity of your event, you just obtained a lot of interesting eyes that might have missed your gathering otherwise.

Now lets create some events !

Do you have a shopping mall ? With Swee you can create loyalty based events on certain locations inside and outside your store. Doing so creates an entire story that the user visiting your mall will follow. Swee integrates Loyalty Venue, so even creating entire Loyalty webstores is as simple as a few clicks in friendly Enkronos Apps application.

Got a registered concert ? What if every single visitor to your concert can participate to your event also through a mobile location based application. Doing so you gain a better picture of what kind of people came to your event, while your visitors just got a free beer !

Book reading in a library ? How about reward one of your Swee Event participants to get a free signed book at the end of the reading ?

Do you have a company ? How about every morning the first employee that comes through the door of your company wins an hour of free time if he can find a hidden object inside an augmented reality world ?
Do you have a secret you want to share ? Come and create a Swee Event that will allow you to create a chain event story where each participation on a location based Event will reveal one word in a secret sentence !

Do you have a restaurant ? How about every visitor to your restaurant has a chance to win a free meal while at the same time they recieve a digital daily menu of your service.

Do you have a competitive company next to you that uses Swee ? Awesome,  make some Events next to them and boost your advertisement of the company !

So what is Swee ? Swee is a mobile location based application that creates a world of Events where every single possible concept of an Event can be registered and displayed in a real world location. Swee will revolutionize the concept Loyalty, Contest and Event concepts which will be based on Location and Augmented Reality.

The application was made possible with integrating Enkronos Apps API SSO and its Participations resource to communicate with a mobile build made from Unity the development platform. To track and display the users location, Swee uses a second integration with Google Maps API which allows the creation of the map texture while the device is sending Location coordinates.

When the user communicates with an Event the application defines the next step of action depending on the interaction type of that Swee Event. If the type is Augmented Reality the application uses an in house developed library to display interactable objects in world space depending on the location and coordinate position of its device.

Stay tunned for more information, because Swee is coming out soon and it will be available in the Enkronos Apps.

Jure Veler
CTO at Enkronos d.o.o.

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