Join Enkronos ICO Referral Program!

The Enkronos Tokensale referral program is now available for any user who will receive a referral code to track the tokensale in our ICO.

If you want to participate our Referral Program, you need to fill the form you find in the referral program page. After we receive it, we’ll send you your referral code.

Influencers can promote the Enkronos ICO by using promotional material on their websites, in email lists, or in Telegram and social media sites indicating their referral code to use during purchase of ENK tokens.

How Does It Work?

The Process is Very Simple.

When a user will complete a transaction in our ICO he / she will have to input the referral code you gave him and his wallet where to receive an.

For every amount of ETH received from users you’ve brought to our tokensale page – you’ll receive 5% of that ETH amount in ENK Tokens. For example, if a user from your referral link sends us 100 ETH, you will receive a commission in ENK Tokens that equals 5 ETH.

The advantage for users who participate our ICO with a referral code, is that they will be given an extra bonus of 5% in ENK Tokens on their purchase. For example, if a user from your referral link participate our ICO with 100 ETH, he / she will receive a bonus in ENK Tokens that equals 5 ETH.

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