Journey Online – Patch notes for alpha 0.1.6

Robert De Niro once said: “You´ll have time to rest when you´re dead.”

And we don´t rest either.

Our developers just finished Patch Alpha 0.1.6 that comes with our first major PvP content – the 1v1 Arena!

What is included in the new Patch?

  • the Arena – here you can climb the competitive ladder every month to prove your worth! read more about it in our featured article here.
  • With that, we have also added a counter in the tavern screen wich will track your Honor points, Honor points are a currency you can only get inside the Arena.
  • There is also a new way to spend honor points inside the marketplace!

Find out more about all the new Features and Bug fixes here.

You can also read more about Journey online here and discover all the wonderful apps and solutions of Enkronos Apps in our Company website and ICO website.


Enkronos Marketing Team

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